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How to set up your Arabic IPTV box?

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First, congratulations, you have got your Arabic TV box that means you do not need the dish anymore, receiving your Arabic channels online means the terrible weather is not effecting your reception, and more importantly you get now hundreds of Arabic channels which gives you and everyone in the family more choices; Being Sport channels, Arabic drama channels, Arabic kids channels, Arabic news channels, Arabic religion channels, Arabic movie channels and much more!

Let’s move on to show you how to set up your

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Wallet case for smartphones

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Smart phones are the latest addition to the series of technological advances.

Their importance grows day by day in one’s life. Contacting a friend, surfing

the internet, daily work, games, capturing images and loads of applications.

Leaving home, a person always remembers to hold on to a couple of things.

These include your phone , cash , ID cards and credit cards. All things being

important yet hard to handle in a time where theft is common.

Cell phone wallet cases are...

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Armband case for iPhone

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This is the era of technology and smartness. Every person around is loaded with smart gadgets to handle smart applications for quick and efficient working. iPhone is one of the most deserved and desired electronic gadget in the industry. Either you are office personnel, a computer geek, an accountant, a lawyer or associated with another profession; iPhone is one such gadget that can help you all. So, you have got your iPhone and you are ready to enjoy the magical immensity? You surely need some accessories to take full advantage of this machine. Read more →

Mobile phone wireless charging

Technical Team powermat wireless charging qi wireless charging wireless charging wireless charging pad

Convenience is the demand of almost all the people residing in this global village. Increasing productivity, saving time and getting things done on the go is the idea behind the development of technology. Same goes for the case of wireless chargers.

Smart phones have become extremely popular and there is hardly a household which does not own android, windows or iOS mobile phones. There is a great degree of dependability on these phones to get everyday work done. The millions of applications available on respective...

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All-In-One Card Reader Memory Stick

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People were using floppy drives as one of the best tools to transfer data about a decade ago but the advent of Universal Serial Bus (USB) hit the market as one of the best substitute to floppy drive. USB is known with different names as thumb drive, flash drive, jump drive, pen drive or memory keys. However, the most common name or a universal name for this small stick is USB stick. It was 2000, when the first USB stick was commercially accessible by Trek Technology. DiskOnKey was landed in the market for commercial use by IBM in the same...

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