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How to set up your Arabic IPTV box?

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First, congratulations, you have got your Arabic TV box that means you do not need the dish anymore, receiving your Arabic channels online means the terrible weather is not effecting your reception, and more importantly you get now hundreds of Arabic channels which gives you and everyone in the family more choices; Being Sport channels, Arabic drama channels, Arabic kids channels, Arabic news channels, Arabic religion channels, Arabic movie channels and much more!

Let’s move on to show you how to set up your Arabic TV in few simple steps;

  • Take the device out from its box.

You will find the following in the box:

  • The device
  • Remote control
  • HDMI cable
  • Main plug

If your TV supports HD then you need only the HDMI cable.

  • Connect your box to the TV by using the right cable ( let say HDMI cable)
  • Switch the box on by pressing the button in the back of the box (you should see the blue light in the front of your box now)
  • Using your TV remote control, choose the HDMI source for the TV.
  • Your Arabic TV box will run till the screen blew shows;
  •  Using your TV box remote control, press OK then use the arrows in the middle and select Extra icon as the screen below shows ( you can also press the mouse on your TV remote control as well)

  • Use the arrows, (or mouse) to select settings as below

  •  Make sure Wi-Fi is on if you like to connect your box to internet via Wi-Fi otherwise, just plug in your internet cable into the box directly.

  •  Then click on your wireless network from the list.
  • Connect to your home/business wireless network by entering the password (usually in the back of your internet router)

  • Click connect as the screen above shows ( Remember, you can move between the keyboard keys and options by choosing the mouse button in your box remote control which indicated to by the arrow). after clicking Connect, go back to the home screen by pressing the Home button on your Arabic TV Box remote control and you should get the screen below.

  • Well done! now you have connected you Arabic TV Box to the internet and you can enjoy its services straight away. you can choose from four options as the above screen shows; Live TV, YouTube, Movies and Extras (Google Play apps). For demonstration purpose, we will click on Live TV, we will see your box starts its magic by connecting you to hundreds of Arabic TV channels.

  • Arabic TV channels are categorised into several interest areas such as; General, drama, kids, religion, sport, news, music etc. You can make your own favourite list by pressing OK while you are watching the channels. 

 That's all from Smart Sinbad :-)

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