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Rectangle Qi Wireless Smartphone Charger

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Wireless smartphone charging has become the newest, and most efficient, trend in handheld technology. The reason for this is simple: convenience. In a high-tech world that is in constant motion, the best and smartest trends all revolve around keeping your most frequently used technological devices at the ready, and at your fingertips. The Qi wireless charger is known as the industry standard, and the bar against which all other similar devices are measured. This innovative product allows you to place as many charging pads as you desire in the most convenient places throughout your home or office. This means that whenever you sit at your desk, on your couch, or in your car your phone can be charging and ready to go simply because you set down on its charging pad. Increase your efficiency, preparedness, and technological prowess with this cutting-edge device.
Model: ATK-WCP-02A.
Input:: DC 5-5.5V 1.5A (Recommended 5.5V 1.5A)
output:: 5V 1000mA
Compatible with Qi WPC standard device such as: Mobile phone,...etc.
Color:: White or Black
Casing Materials ABS+PC fireproofing material
Standard:: QI V1.0X
Product weight:70g (include USB cable)
Product size:155*85*12mm"

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