Smart Sinbad for smarter shopping

About Us

Smart Sinbad came to life in April 2015, providing a unique and innovative e-commerce platform. Specializing in consumer electronics and accessories, as well as cutting edge gadgets, we keep our customers on the front lines of the thriving and growing digital world.

We are committed to helping our customers stay connected using the best and brightest products in the today’s technological industry. Rooted in the tradition of our namesake, Sinbad the Sailor, we have launched Smart Sinbad as a means of connecting the people around the globe through virtual travel and access to digital treasures, as well as a coming together of diverse cultures and communities through the trading and selling of the most bountiful wares that exist today. Smart Sinbad is fueled with a spirit of adventurousness and a dedication to exploring and sharing the wonders of the world.

It is with this sense of enthusiasm and commitment to quality that we invite you to explore the exciting and evolving landscape of Smart Sinbad. Whether you are searching for practical technological tools to improve your efficiency in business, fun and unique gadgets to enhance your sense of recreation or social connection, or simply looking for the newest and smartest accessories on the market – we have it all.

We welcome you to join us at Smart Sinbad for smarter shopping. We strive forthat perfect combination of intelligent design, brilliant prices, and clever resources. We have scoured the seven seas and all of the wonders in between to offer you the very best of everything the digital world has to offer. Because you deserve it.