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3x1 Mini HDMI Splitter with Remote Control


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You can now forget about the hassle of having to plug in different HDMI connectors in order to change the multiple devices that you use, with this 3x1 Mini HDMI Splitter with Remote Control. Supporting three different resolutions – 720p, 1080i, 1080p – this is the convenient and cost-effective solution for your home devices. Using its included remote control, you can easily switch between multiple HDMI sources, so that you no longer have to manually do it every time you wish to use one or another of your devices. This mini splitter is the perfect choice for anyone who uses several devices simultaneously.
Brand Name: 3 port HDMI switcher
Package: Yes
HDMI Vertiong: 1.4
Gender: Female-Female
Shielding: Non-Shielded
Type: Coaxial
Application: Multimedia Connector
HDMI Connector Color: Gold
Packing: Carton Box
Outer Diameter: 3-Port HDMI Switch
Model Number: HDSW0070
Color: White,Black
supports : 720p, 1080i , 1080p

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